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Datacard 9000
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Embossing Equipment
Plastic Card Embossers For Internal Corporate Use or
High Volume Card Issuance
  Whether your interested is issuing embossed plastic cards for internal use within your business or organization or high volume card issuance in a production floor environment, Plastic Card Services has the system you want, and the modules necessary to satisfy your most demanding card issuance needs.
 We provide both New and Used embossing equipment. We have been providing quality embossing machines, plastic cards, and mail insert machines nationwide for over fifteen years.
Card Technology
  You can issue simple embossed cards, or issue complex, multipurpose photo IDs and financial cards, individually or in volume.
Instant Issuance
 "Instant Issuance" equipment benefits organizations like savings and loans, credit unions, retailers, and others interested in issuing ready-to-use ID cards or financial cards, on the spot.
  Corporations and large companies benefit from leveraging their own company IDs, security cards, and entry keys.

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High Volume
 "High Volume" production models feature modular flexibility and operating software to meet the quantity, quality, and security needs of card issuance institutions of any size. Add the necessary modules to meet the requirements of even your most demanding clients.
  These systems feature high speed with a  high quality out-put, and have inbred maximized security. Your customers will return again and again, knowing that you can deliver an exceptional product in a timely manner.

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  You can add up to 20 personalization modules of your choice, ranging from basic embossing and flat graphics to the most sophisticated, multi-application, smart card personalization. This integrated productivity can help you to reduce costs, shorten cycle times and maximize security. These systems are so versatile that you may choose from 11 modules.
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New and Used Equipment
  Plastic Card Services provides rebuilt and refurbished models in a variety of instant issuance and high volume embossing machines. We have a staff of qualified personnel to inspect, verify, diagnose, and maintain every pre-owned system. With over 20 years of experience, our staff has what it takes to see potential operating problems before they occur, verify their source, diagnose the problem, and restore or refurbish the equipment to reliable Production Floor Ready Status.

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Upgrade Your Existing Equipment
 Plastic Card Services will upgrade your existing embossing system. By evaluating your embossing needs, we determine the module or modules necessary to enhance your current equipment to meet your needs and the needs of your clients. We can upgrade your existing embossing system to meet the needs of your most demanding customer expectations.
Bottom Line:
 Increase volume, maximize security and improve card quality by easily upgrading your systems, Today!

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Embossing Equipment
Card Services
We Offer a Full Completed Card Embossing Service
  Plastic Card Services provides completed plastic cards in the way of corporate cards, gift cards, reward cards, bank cards, smart cards, key cards, two-factor authentication with key fob cards and photo ID cards;
just to name a few. We utilize embossing, encoding, 4 color process printing, magnetic stripe, thermal imprinting, and more...
 Our cards are made of high quality, durable plastic with superb graphics and lamination. A quality product at reasonable prices.
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Next Steps
 As a High Volume Card Issuance Facility, the process to create plastic cards is the first major step. The next very important phase is to get the cards to the perspective customer.
Higher Profit | Faster Turn-Around
  No need to look elsewhere; Plastic Card Services makes this equipment available, inline or stand-alone. This equipment is sold in unison with new and used embossing equipment or sold separately. We carry a full line of insert and insert preparation equipment for all your mail inserting needs in both new and pre-owned mailing equipment.
 Increase profits and turn-around times by processing all phases of your mailings in-house.

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